About the company

Kmparts Inc has been in business for 20 years +, we are a wholesaler for used servers, desktops, notebooks, all computer parts and hard to find parts.

  • We purchase off lease equipment, take outs, and pick up of old equipment.

  • We have established the Corporate side of the business 4 years ago.

  • We are an VAR – Value Added Reseller.

  • We sell New IT hardware, software, computer Equipment, we drop ship most of our shipments within Canada.

  • Most shipment will be delivered for next day.

  • We have built great relationships with our vendors over the years and have provided excellent customer service.

  • We supply to Small-to-medium businesses, Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical, Investment companies etc.

Meena Mistry

Business Development Manager

Welcome to KMParts Inc. We look forward to learning more about how we can help your business.


KMParts Inc
31 Wilcliff Court,
Markham, Ontario
L6E 2E5

Office Hours

9:00 AM – 5.00 PM(EST)
Monday – Friday

Available on weekends.

Contact us

Phone:  647-291-9146
Cell: 416-420-6881